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MERRY CHRISTMAS! (OC MLP) by bonney99 MERRY CHRISTMAS! (OC MLP) :iconbonney99:bonney99 4 0 Doctor Whooves x Derpy Hooves by bonney99 Doctor Whooves x Derpy Hooves :iconbonney99:bonney99 3 0 Me and My Friends MLP OC by bonney99 Me and My Friends MLP OC :iconbonney99:bonney99 2 7 I Wish I Told Him... by bonney99 I Wish I Told Him... :iconbonney99:bonney99 1 7 L Cosplay Outfit (Death Note) by bonney99 L Cosplay Outfit (Death Note) :iconbonney99:bonney99 1 1 Little Fairy Garden by bonney99 Little Fairy Garden :iconbonney99:bonney99 2 0 Couple Hugging by bonney99 Couple Hugging :iconbonney99:bonney99 0 0 My dogs, Lexi and Ruby :3 by bonney99 My dogs, Lexi and Ruby :3 :iconbonney99:bonney99 2 0 My Little Pony OC, Hope N' Dreams by bonney99 My Little Pony OC, Hope N' Dreams :iconbonney99:bonney99 7 6 Howling Wolf by bonney99 Howling Wolf :iconbonney99:bonney99 1 2 Lisa And Caitlin by bonney99 Lisa And Caitlin :iconbonney99:bonney99 1 0 Wreck This Journal #9 by bonney99 Wreck This Journal #9 :iconbonney99:bonney99 5 0 Wreck This Journal #8 by bonney99 Wreck This Journal #8 :iconbonney99:bonney99 1 0 Wreck This Journal #7 by bonney99 Wreck This Journal #7 :iconbonney99:bonney99 1 0 Wreck This Journal #6 by bonney99 Wreck This Journal #6 :iconbonney99:bonney99 2 0 Wreck This Journal #5 by bonney99 Wreck This Journal #5 :iconbonney99:bonney99 0 0


Nightmares (Takashi *Mori* Morinozuka X Reader)
You rolled around in your sleep, silent tears streaming down your face. A soft yelp left your lips, and in a moment you felt yourself being shaken. You opened your eyes to see a face looking down at you, his usually emotionless face held worry.
“T-takashi!” You sobbed. He said nothing, but quickly pulled you into a warm embrace. You wrapped your arms around his neck, your fingers playing with his dark hair to soothe your mind. You couldn’t even remember what your nightmare was about, just that it was unpleasant.
You were a childhood friend of Honey’s, meaning you had known Mori too. You had always had feelings towards Mori, but you were too shy to say anything about it. Now that you had become reacquainted with them however, you were currently staying at Honey’s mansion for summer break, all your feelings came flooding back. It didn’t help that you had been having nightmares for the past week you had been at Honey’s home, and Mori was the only
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 846 194
Bucky face sketch 02 by UnicatStudio Bucky face sketch 02 :iconunicatstudio:UnicatStudio 64 34
Drunk Doctor
"'m not drunk... Jusht a bit tipshy..." the Doctor slurred, one arm draped around the Master's neck, tie tied around his forehead, and a glass of something strongly alcoholic in his other hand... The Master had lost count how many he'd had, but it must have been a LOT to get him this drunk... It takes a lot to affect a Timelord anyway, hence why he was still perfectly sober after a few drinks... It probably didn't help that whatever it was the Doctor was drinking, it was considerably stronger than his own... Why on Gallifrey had he agreed to this?
The Doctor had already done various things in his overly intoxicated state...
First there had been the singing - in several different languages… Many of his choice of songs, the TARDIS had been thoughtful enough not to translate for everyone else's benefit, although the Master understood every word and ended up blushing bright red, especially as most of them seemed to be about him, and some of them were rather graphic... he was DEFINITEL
:iconaragornsgirl333:aragornsgirl333 59 20
So Wrong, So Right-Doctor x Master
WARNING: BoyxBoy, make-out
So wrong...the tenth incarnation of the Doctor repeated in his head. This was so wrong...
He was being pushed against the iconically blue door of the TARDIS, a pair of hands gripping the front of his brown pinstriped suit, forcing his mouth against someone else's, someone he knew all too well. The Master.
So wrong...yet he found himself kissing back with enthusiasm he didn't know he had, then eventually parting his lips slightly, letting the other's tongue in his mouth.
The kiss broke apart after a few moments, both gasping for air. For but a second, the Doctor was able to see logic through the confusion filling his head.
"St...stop..." He murmured, his voice rough. He raised his arms to push him away, but the Master pressed the other Time Lord's wrists against the door of the TARDIS.
He threw his head back against the TARDIS with a sharp groan, torn between resisting or giving in.
The Master took the unintentional invitation and started pressing kisses to th
:iconsophgeek101:SophGeek101 133 40
Couple Base by BubbleBases Couple Base :iconbubblebases:BubbleBases 2,848 431
Mature content
Legolas x Reader lemon :icongirlwhoplaysgames:Girlwhoplaysgames 75 66
Brother!Legolas x Sister!Reader : Born to Protect
Legolas x reader drabble 02
Natural Love
Read description below before reading the story please! you will understand it a bit more~
A butterfly settled itself on your nose, and you sneezed. It flew off, frightened by your sneeze, and you giggled like a child. Your dream was pleasant, a flowering meadow with animals all around, and no men to hurt you. You sat up quickly and looked around. There was one thing missing though.
Something damp touched your nose and you sneezed again. You slowly opened your eyes. A warm, wet towel patted your face and you closed your eyes quickly, as not to get water in them. The towel was removed and in it's place a smiling face.
"Legolas!" you cried, and jumped into his strong arms.
He embraced you warmly, letting out a sigh and clutching you to him.
"don't ever do that again. It nearly killed me to see you close to being......" Legolas trailed off, never finishing what he was going to say.
"I ...I'm sorry, Legolas." you hugged Legolas tightly and brought h
:iconbluuluv:BluuLuv 182 22
Creepypasta by VultureImagination Creepypasta :iconvultureimagination:VultureImagination 2,148 244 Jeff The Killer  and Ticci Toby by VultureImagination Jeff The Killer and Ticci Toby :iconvultureimagination:VultureImagination 586 36 Ticci Toby by VultureImagination Ticci Toby :iconvultureimagination:VultureImagination 737 70 Sally and Ben Drowened by VultureImagination Sally and Ben Drowened :iconvultureimagination:VultureImagination 225 68
Tired Draco Malfoy x Reader
I'm tired. I'm really, really tired. Thats all I can think as I force myself to walk quickly. I stayed up all night working on the stupid potions homework that Draco landed me. I don't know how but it's his fault! Everything is! I'm just too tired to tell you why right now. I fell asleep in the Great Hall during dinner that's how tired I was. When I woke up there were only a few people left, mostly Ravenclaws doing homework somewhere quiet. My friends probably tried to wake me but once I fall asleep nothing can wake me. Nothing.
The hallway is completely barren except for the occasional prefect giving me a dirty look for still being up and not in the Gryfinndor common room where I belong. Whatever I only see them every few corners I turn...
No. No this can't be happening. I turn the next corner and who do I see? Draco. Why me?
"Hello, sleeping ugly" he sneers.
"I'm too tired Draco" I say.
"Too tired? Why, did you stay up late contemplating why you deserve to live?"
I sigh and lean
:iconmsgeeknerd:MsGeekNerd 677 195
10!Doctor x Reader x Master - Forever
The soft smell of fresh hay, mixed with the spice from new TARDIS' fuel and the silver leaves… it smelled like home, like it should.
The leaves whispered in a soft breeze, and cicadas sung in the long grass around you.
You felt a squeeze on your hands, and opened your eyes.
The bright orange sky stretched out as far as you could see, framed by the mountains and the citadel in the distance, the suns already almost touching the mountains.
You breathed in deeply, and your chest rose from the ground before you let go of the breath and settled back in between the two bodies.
Looking to your left, you saw the Doctor’s brown eyes, a soft smile on his lips.
He looked up in the cloudless sky, and you wondered if he was dreaming of the planet Earth again.
Ever since he had read about it in one of the many books the library had, he was constantly talking about it, and your second best friend and you were always rolling eyes when he came running towards both of you, new books about his
:iconclaragryffon:ClaraGryffon 140 33
My little pony collection by balthazar147 My little pony collection :iconbalthazar147:balthazar147 62 38 The Great Wonderbolts: Soarin and Spitfire! by Imsya The Great Wonderbolts: Soarin and Spitfire! :iconimsya:Imsya 52 8 Fleur De Lis by Imsya Fleur De Lis :iconimsya:Imsya 21 4




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